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Trending: Video Resumes

There are an estimated 7.3 million unfilled jobs and 6.5 million job seekers. That is a lot of jobs and a lot of candidates. So how can you stand out in the crowd and find that dream job?

Video Resumes!

Video resumes are the new trending way to not only add your personality to a resume, but give that employer an excuse to skip all those other resumes, and move right on to a personal interview! If done correctly, a video resume can be an effective way to show your value to any company.

Take it from Human Resources, there are many tips and tricks that will win you that job! Let me help you snag that dream job! Not only will you create an effective video resume, but you will also receive a well rounded paper resume that will validate your skills in the position you are seeking. I will also give you valuable tips and tricks from the resume process through the interview stages.

Let’s spend some time together and get your career soaring! For $200.00 you will receive:

A video resume that aligns your skills with the job you desire.

A paper resume written in a way that will validate your strengths (there is a secret to this)

Tips and tricks that will get you that interview and how to win anyone over!

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