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Overcoming Struggles and Persevering Through Crisis

In times like this, the importance of human resource management has never been greater. As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our lives and workspaces, we’re faced with daily challenges and struggles. So much has changed in the past few weeks, but what hasn’t changed is your dedication to your organizations and employees. Many of you are dealing with very difficult circumstances and handling them as best you can.

A lot of us have also been forced to make some tough decisions. Many companies right now are struggling, leading to the hard choice to make layoffs, reduce salaries, and furlough employees. As an HR professional tasked with the management of these steps, it’s easy to start feeling guilty and worn down.

But now more than ever, we must continue to step up to the plate and serve our organizations and communities with kindness, professionalism, and positivity — as hard as it may be to stay positive right now.

Whether you’re trying to maintain business-as-usual, providing positivity and human connection in these trying times, becoming an overnight expert on working remote, or just lending an ear to struggling team members, know that you’re appreciated for all you do. We’ll get through this together, and come out stronger on the other side of all this.

We’re grateful that SHRM has provided so many resources to help out our community at this time. We encourage you to take advantage of these tips and tools to help you continue to lead as we navigate this crisis.

For more info, check out SHRM’s Coronavirus resources.

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