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Why Data Analysis?

Data Analysis is key into unlocking potential that your employees exhibit and building on those key factors.  Your business can benefit from different data analysis to increase production and retention while decreasing costs and compliance risk. 

Below are several ways we can assist you and your business to get down to the root of change.  We are not limited to the list below.  Contact us and we can review your own specific needs. Once we analysis a specific area, we will assist in strategically implementing processes to align your goals with specific key metrics defined. 

  • SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

  • Turnover and Retention

  • Compensation Analysis

  • Engagement Surveys

  • Labor distribution

  • Time to hire/time to fill

  • Job analysis

  • Benefit analysis

  • Assessment tests

  • On-boarding success

  • Attendance recording

  • Revenue per employee

  • Training efficiency

  • Human Capital Risk

  • Incident rates

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