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Keeping Yourself Well During These Uncertain Times

HR Indiana SHRM 3 part wellness series recap: for those of you that were able to attend our wellness series, we want to thank you and hope you found useful information to utilize. For those that were unable to attend we would like to share a recap and some resources to help maintain that wellness balance.

Series #1: Financial- Pete the Planner, Peter Dunn offers resources and guidance with individualized financial planning to help achieve financial success.

Series #2: Mental- Kristin Campbell gave an inspiring and enlightened presentation on our mental wellness during these trying times and tools to carry out throughout our life. The attached resources will help you live a more balanced and mentally strong attitude. Contact me for resources.

Series #3: Physical- Sara Rice of the Bar Method showed us some great ways to get motivated and start or keep our bodies active while balancing our daily lives. She tied in the fact that physical wellness also contributes to our mental wellness. Find out more about the bar method at:

A huge thanks to all of our presenters for taking the time to educate us on the different aspects of wellness. We hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe!

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