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Added Services To My Audience

When I first set up my website, my goal was to have a consulting business to help small to medium size businesses conquer the many aspects of HR. I am experienced in all aspects of HR and wanted to help businesses be compliant, engaging, strategic, and successful in their business practice.

However, as I expand my network, I realize that individual employees need educated on those things that us as HR professionals know like the back of our hands. I love giving back and helping others be successful and what better way to do this but by helping employees work through tough issues that arise for them.

My blog is now open (and my email) for questions you as an employee or potential employee may have in the area of work and workplace. Let me know whats on your mind; questions about FMLA, ADA, Unemployment, resumes, interviewing, hostile work environments, etc. Let's talk and find solutions to those tough questions that we are sometimes afraid to ask.

Feel free to comment here or email me privately:

Let's transform the gap between employers and employees

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